Mustard yellow dress with a belt uai • Sassa Björg

Mustard yellow dress with a belt308 лв.

Тази класическа рокля в красив горчичен цвят ще озари всеки гардероб. Подходяща е да се носи есенно - зимно, както и в пролетно време и може да бъде съчетавана изключително лесно…

a shaped mini skirt collage full size • Sassa Björg

A-shaped mini skirt, collage130 лв.

Made of viscose gabardine. Viscose lining. Collage pattern print. Mid-thigh length. Rear invisible zipper. To pick the right size, follow the size chart and the provided…

regular fit t shirt mustard v neck overhead fitted • Sassa Björg

Regular fit t-shirt, mustard58 лв.

Viscose jersey fabric. V-neck. The model is 174 cm tall and is wearing size S. Picking the right size requires 2 measurements - bust and waist. Please refer to our size chart and…

fitted / body hugging

Crop tops are a type of women's clothing that are designed to expose a portion of the midriff, typically ending at or above the navel. They are characterized by their shortened length, which is often cropped or cut off just above the waistline.Crop tops can come in a variety of styles, including fitted, loose, sleeveless, or with sleeves. They can also feature various necklines such as crew, V-neck, or off-the-shoulder, as well as a variety of prints and colors. Crop tops can be worn casually with high-waisted jeans or shorts, or dressed up with a skirt or dress pants for a more formal look.Crop tops have been a popular trend in women's fashion since the 1980s, but they continue to evolve with new styles and variations emerging over time. While they were initially seen as a daring and bold statement, crop tops have become more mainstream in recent years and are now a staple in many women's wardrobes.