1. SSBJ.

It stands for Sassa Björg. And Sassa Björg was a name that we chose to embody the image of the woman that wears our clothes. We chose it for the way it sounds and what it signifies - Sassa in Old Norse means divine beauty and Björg means help, salvation.

2. We're big boys/girls now.

We created the brand in 2010. Its first public appearance was at a pop up event in a club called Culture Beat, on the 13th of December 2010. This means that we'll be hitting puberty very soon. So watch out!

3. This.

We love what we do. Truly. This is not a business created with a business model. This is a venture which we do with a passion and we're doing our best to make it work as a business.

4. Just one.

Our brand used to create each model in one unique piece for the first few years. It had its own charm, but it was destined to be changed, if it were to survive. Not to mention how taxing it was to create new prototypes that often, while not having the time or resources to perfect them.

5. Sadly.

The seamstresses creating our beautiful clothes call themselves "The Dinosaurs", because the slow fashion method (only one person working on one piece) is in danger of becoming extinct. The factory approach of each person doing just one small process is more time effective, but it is also soul crushing. You also cannot nurture talent and craftsmanship, by having people do the same small process over and over.

6. Limitations.

99% of our products are manufactured in house. Sometimes we wish we could outsource some of them, but we're a very unattractive customer. Our series are too limited and the quality we require is too high for most small studios to even bother with us.

7. Support.

We wouldn't be here without the wonderful fans and customers of our brand. The people who made the conscious decision to be different and to support a project like ours. We wouldn't possibly list all of your names, but you know who you are. We can't thank you enough!

8. Support II.

We have been very lucky to have assembled a great team of people working at Sassa Björg. Their level of personal and professional commitment is extraordinary, and it gives us hope about the future. We wouldn't have had so many happy customers and we wouldn't have survived the Covid hardship, if it weren't for them.

9. Support III.

And last but not least are the people who decided to support us along the way. We've seen kindness and generosity from many individuals. A worthwhile mention deserve Yana Dvoretska, Radostina Ivanova, Vasil Germanov, Zlatimir Arakliev, Slav Anastasov, Huben Hubenov, Nadya Andreeva, Irina Lazova, Maria Sylvestar, John Martin Taylor, Mikel Lane Herrington, Abigail Doan, Yana Lalova,  Trayana Koleva, Elena Sergova, Tsitaliya Mircheva and Dian Dinev.

10. Proprietary prints.

We've created a few dozen proprietary patterns and illustrations, that were later printed on fabrics and then made into clothes. The process turned out to be very laborious and expensive for limited boutique series, but after the initial phase of acquiring the knowhow and connections, we are more hopeful about future projects.

11. Consistent inconsistency.

We've changed the design of our logo 6 times over the past 12 years. Fingers crossed that we stick with this one...

12. Feel at home.

Our showroom is intentionally not at street level. So if or when you visit, you are pretty much guaranteed to have an intimate shopping experience. You're welcome to come by, look around, try something on or not, or just have a coffee and a chat.

13. Headquarters.

Our manufacturing team, studio and showroom is located in the downtown of Sofia, Bulgaria's capital. For the past seven years, we've been inhabiting the second floor of an old Austrian architecture house from the pre Commie days. The façade has seen better days, but hopefully one day it will shine again.

14. Well travelled.

Our clothes have found their way in Italy, France, Germany, The UK, Spain, Romania, Switzerland, Poland, The US, New Zealand, Australia, China, Israel and South Africa. Our fan base is small but diverse. We hope to add to it in the future, that's why we've included options for shipping to pretty much everywhere.

15. Patronize or not.

We don't believe that the customer is always right. It's a dishonest position, that infantilizes people. We are wrong on occasion and so are our customers, which is perfectly fine.